Love God, Make Disciples

I envision a unified and growing community of believers who consistently demonstrates its love for God and each other, who is committed and loyal to Jesus Christ, His church, His commands, and His Word, who is increasing its capacity for effectiveness in His work, who intentionally and actively witnesses to others, is involved in ministry to others, gathers for dynamic, encouraging public worship, gives its best to God, does things first-class, and is a recognizable, prominent, influential lighthouse for God in Hall county.
— Pastor Chuck Nation

Our Mission

  • Be a positive, innovative, caring, loving, nurturing, involved, up-to-date, aggressive, growing, forward and upward-looking congregation
  • Love people — help them, move them forward, build them, bless them
  • Empower and liberate members to creatively initiate and expand ministry
  • Develop organized intentional prayer
  • Make disciples
  • Grow in stewardship and generosity
  • Expand our outreach with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Reach out to newcomers, members, neighbors, friends, and families
  • Be involved as much as possible with our community
  • Experience a breakthrough in spiritual warfare
  • Continue to ask God for uninhibited and unencumbered believers who will pray, give, go, worship, and serve  Acts 15:26; I Cor.16:15; Exodus 17:11-12